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Upper Back & Mid Back Pain

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Upper Back & Mid Back Pain

Upper & Mid back pain isn’t as prevalent as neck pain or lower back pain; however, it has become more prominent in today’s society. The structures of you upper and mid back can become irritated or inflamed in response to a variety of mild to serious conditions.

The upper & mid back is made up of twelve thoracic vertebrae, their interlocking facet joints and discs, along with muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the structure and allow movement. Attached to each vertebra are the ribs. The ribs wrap all the way around your body protecting your vital organs. This rigid cage does not allow your mid back to bend and twist as much as your neck and lower back so we see much less wear and tear type problems in this area.

Causes of Upper & Mid Back Pain

Upper & Mid back pain has many different causes, such as sports injury, poor posture, arthritis, disease, muscle strain, trauma suffered in a car accident, or can even radiate from neck injuries such as a whiplash injury. Other common causes can include:

  • Incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries

  • Lack of proper and periodic thoracic spinal alignments

  • Presence of thoracic spine subluxations

  • Improper lifting techniques

  • Auto accidents

  • Improper workstation setup

  • Poor posture

  • Prolonged sitting

  • Prolonged use of non-ergonomically designed equipment

  • Excessive repetitive torsal motions

  • Scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine)

The Chiropractic Solution to Your Upper & Mid Back Pain

At L.I.F.T. Chiropractic our multidisciplinary team of chiropractor can help ease your pain and cure your mid back disorder. Our chiropractors are specialists in hands-on adjustments to the mid back muscles and upper back muscles, ligaments, and spinal bones. With our expert chiropractic doctors and physiotherapists working together, we will apply the latest techniques and use the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat your condition.

We will not only work hard to relieve your mid-back pain but, we will solve your upper back pains underlying cause. In conjunction with the Chiropractic care you will receive physical therapy which will work hard to help relieve muscle spasms and fix any soft tissue damage that has occurred. We will also work with you to improve your exercise habits and return you to a pain-free active lifestyle.

If you experience pain in the upper & mid back or upper back region, or suffer from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, call the specialists at L.I.F.T. Chiropractic. Our offices are state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge technology. You won’t need an outside referral to visit with any of our wonderful healthcare practitioners. We relieve your pain and cure its cause, all within the comfort and relaxation of our upscale offices. Call or email us today to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you today.



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